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Round Dining Room Table

Round Dining Room Table: The Social Benefits of Shape

Do you know what is the most sociable table shape for dining tables? Well not surprisingly, the round dining room table is the most popular and the most social table you can have. If you think about the elongated dining tables that we are traditionally used to, you can really only talk comfortably with the people placed to your left and right, or across from you. What’s more, you have to choose which of them you want to speak to because it is impossible to speak to the people on both sides at the same time. The next time you are at a dinner party give it a try and you will see for yourself what I mean.

A round dining room table has the tendency to include everyone at the table in whatever conversation happens to be going on at the moment. No one is left out and your rarely find that the table breaks up into a number of separate conversations. This can be of benefit for a number of reasons. The other great thing about the round dining room table is that there is no head and therefore everyone is equal. This was the entire concept behind the King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, and even today we still talk about ‘round tables’ as discussions or meetings where everyone can have a say and will be given a fair hearing. These terms are not just accidents, it really is true that round dining room tables can create a more sociable and inclusive environment.

When you are having dinner as a family with your kids, the benefits of a round dining room table can really come to your advantage. It is very important that as a family, you spend time eating together around the table and many of the lessons and much of the guidance that you will pass on to your children will be at the dinner table. The more comfortable and equal every one feels at the dining table, the better this time will be for your kids and the more they are likely to get out of it. They will also be more willing to open up and trust everyone at the table when everyone is sitting as equals at a round table.

While this may seem like a little bit of an over analysis, it is important to look at the effects that furniture has on us. There is definitely a case to be made that a round dining room table makes us more social, more likely to interact with the other people at the table, and makes everyone feel more comfortable and equal. If that’s not a good reason to consider getting a round dining room table then I don’t know what is.

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