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Dinette Booths

Dinette Booths and Your Choices

When dinette booths come to mind, so do the mid-century soda fountains or cozy little cabin alcoves up in the mountain. There is a feeling about a booth as compared to the dining room table or the little kitchen dinette that is very unique, bringing home memories of something nostalgic we just can’t put our fingers on.

The dinette booth was very popular in the 1950s and then slid downhill on the popularity scale. Recently dinette booths are becoming more popular due to their space-saving qualities and sleek-lined looks for the tight kitchen areas.

Dinette booths are easy to build, and almost all television “fix-it” shows have had some sort of booth in the kitchen to be built. If not, get online and bring up the plans for one. They are also available online to purchase if you go into the vintage or retro areas; that is, if you want the original ones. If not, there are some newer models available of the little dinette booths.

The newer booths look entirely different than the vintage ones we think of. Many are legless with fully adjustable table tops, and fit into the “L” shape. Very modern and sleek looking, they fit all decors and styles. Other names for the old fashioned dinette booths are kitchen nooks, breakfast booths, breakfast nooks or kitchen booths, recreation room booths, kitchen booths, and so on.

In addition to the many names and types, there are also several styles to choose from when purchasing a dinette booth. The “L” shape, straight bench, horseshoe, bay window and with or without table. The material is usually washable vinyl in many assorted colors in the vintage styles in addition to glitter vinyl as was used in the 50s. The table tops are available in formica, wilson art, pionite or nevamar covering. The dinette booth is very popular for its durability with young children, pets and large traffic area in very small spaces ... plus it fits the pocketbook too!

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